Melina, who?!

Hi! My name is Melina and I would like to personally welcome you to my little slice of the inter-webs. I’m a public health professional 9-5/5 and a writer 24/7. I’m really just trying to live my best life and to lead by example. I’m navigating the wonderful world of “adulting” and I am learning new things every single day that I am dying to share in the hopes of helping others.

One of my goals in life is to inspire people to get the most out of their time here on Earth, to find their purpose and passion, and to own it and live it. I want to show people through my experiences (and hiccups) that despite the b.s., life is beautiful and it should not be taken so serious. After all, life is meant to be lived outside the box. There are far too many people chugging along in life, paralyzed by fear, and just existing. The “Book of Rules on How to do Everything” that people LOVE to reference was simply never written. Only you can get out there and be the boss of you. That’s why I created my blog, to show you that most things in life are so much less scary when you just get out there and do them.

I do hope you enjoy – come say hi in the comments if you do! And if you know someone who you feel would benefit from my work–share, share, share!

Melina Renee