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Writer, traveler, + serial advice-giver.

Hi! I’m SO glad you found me 🙂

All About Me

I’m a bad motherf*cker…

…just kidding! But now that I have your attention: I’d like to welcome you to my website. I’m a creative who loves to write. It’s my best form of expression. I am DEFINITELY not this smooth in person. Please enjoy my sense of humor and my mastery of words. Oh, and don’t be alarmed by my use of CAPS LOCK – I promise I’m not yelling, it’s just for emphasis. ALSO, please pretend to enjoy my original photos – I know they aren’t all that great! I do add nice-looking stock photos to my blog posts sometimes in exchange for your lies 🙂

By the way, blogging isn’t dead…

…I would know, I’m a blogger!

Previously known as Make BOLD (but still equally as fabulous!), my blog is all about personal empowerment and making life more…doable. Come with me on this journey of embracing life’s imperfections and feeling empowered to crush it!

I can write for you, too!

A girl’s gotta eat, ya know?! If you’re someone who’s struggling with what to say to your community, I’ve got you covered. I’m a copywriter, which means I write to make you some serious moolah so you can eat too! If you’re serious about growing your business or online presence, click that box!