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All About Me

Not your average…

…millennial, woman, writer, professional, traveler. Welcome to my little slice of Internet heaven. I’m a multi-hyphenate who loves to write about my experiences as I navigate this crazy world as an adult. My inspiration for this blog came from a lesson I learned years ago: I need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Life wasn’t getting easier, fairer, or longer. But that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be exciting, joyful, and chock full of lessons that make me a better human. Life is what I decide to make of it. Here, I write about my musings in my career, travels, and more. I’ll occasionally question the validity of clichĂ©s and write about the things that we’re all thinking but don’t say out loud (you’re welcome). Thanks for being here!

By the way, blogging isn’t dead…

…I would know, I’m a blogger!

Previously known as Make BOLD (but still equally as fabulous!), my blog is all about personal empowerment and making life more…doable. Come with me on this journey of embracing life’s imperfections and feeling empowered to crush it!

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