Yes, you are creative. Here’s the evidence to prove it!

Most people are taught that creativity is this elite gift that only select people on earth are born with. That you’re only creative if you’ve aced every art project in school. I’m here to tell you that’s a load of crap. Everyone has the ability to be creative and birth magic into this world. Just because you don’t consider yourself good at drawing, painting, music or “artsy” does not mean you aren’t creative.

Creativity is defined as “the use of the imagination or original idea, especially in the production of artistic work.” Art is defined as “works produced by human creative skill and imagination.” Notice that these definitions don’t say you have to be Picasso 2.0 in order to be creative.

In fact, creativity takes on many different forms and activities and it has so many great health benefits. Whether it’s creating art to relieve anxiety or coming up with a new recipe to try, creativity is an outlet that everyone can tap into.

Take it from someone who got check-minuses on her art homework in middle school: you are creative and you do have creative talents. Like anything, even if you don’t have a natural creative ability, it can be practiced and learned. Before you count yourself out, here are four ways to prove you’re actually creative.

4 ways to know if you’re creative even if you’ve gone your whole life thinking you aren’t:

You have great insight and can realize abstract ideas

If you’re the go-to person when your friends or coworkers are stumped on a decision, it means they consider you a creative enough person to help them solve their problems. Similarly, if you’ve ever created anything from scratch, you’re creative. Whether it’s completely winging a new recipe, doing a new project for work, or finding a creative solution for fixing something around your home, creative juices are flowing.  

And newsflash: you can totally be creative at work. Thinking of innovative ways to improve efficiency and organization at the office or at home is your creative brain at work. Bonus tip: you know you’ve got a creative edge when you share your ideas and get blank stares from your friends, family, and coworkers.

Remember: creativity does not just exist in the arts. I used to think I wasn’t creative until my colleagues started coming to me for my insight on new projects. If you feel like your creativity is stifled at work, you can make your creativity work for you while working your day job as well.

You have an active imagination and can make connections

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Is your mind always buzzing with possibilities? Can you see things happening that others cannot? How about making connections between two seemingly unrelated events or people? Even though I used to dismiss the thought that I could be a creative person, I’ve always been a daydreamer. If you’re the kind of person who stares off into space drumming up random solutions to scenarios that don’t exist or planning a fun day down to the smallest detail, you are creative.

Going along with having an active imagination, being able to make connections between seemingly unrelated events or people is creativity. Your creativity allows you to see patterns in things that other people normally would not. This is also called apophenia and creative people are constantly looking for patterns to spot relationships. 

You have an eye for creativity and an itch to create

Have you ever noticed creative decisions in the entertainment around you? Looking at photography and noticing the particular placement of objects and light, for example, means you have an eye for creativity. And bonus points if you notice small details in TV commercials or color choices in food photographs. 

There have been many times when I’ve been in a museum of art and have wanted to go home and create. If you’re inspired by creativity and it makes you want to do something creative yourself, you’re a creative soul. You don’t have to be “good at art” to tap into your creative side and make art. Just start and know that you don’t need to show anyone. Your creations can be solely for you!

You have an appreciation for nature

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Lately, a lot of people have been going on walks and if you’re someone who has enjoyed getting outside and being in nature, you’re creative. Nature in and of itself is creativity and when you notice and appreciate all it has to offer – the colors, the sounds, the animals – you’re tapping into your creative nature.

Nature is good for us for so many different reasons. If you’re trying to tap into your creativity, getting outside into nature can help spark ideas or get you out of a creative rut. Before you count yourself out and say you’re not a creative person, try going outside for a walk, looking up at the trees and the sky. You might be surprised at how quickly you get inspired and energized to be creative.

Creativity is more than paintings and art projects.

Being creative does not just mean you’re good at drawing or painting. There’s so much more to being creative and tapping into your creativity. It’s within all of us – all we have to do is believe we can be creative and know that creativity isn’t always just about “art.” It’s about finding your inner strengths and using them to access your creative superpowers. Never dismiss yourself as a creative, you’ll be surprised at just how talented you are!

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